Since 2001, Jeff worked as a volunteer construction manager to save and restore the former Universal Baptist Church on Washington Street in Saratoga Springs. It was in imminent danger of collapsing and he and a dedicated group of colleagues didn’t want to lose this beautiful historic structure with the tallest steeple in the city. Because of the size, wonderful sight lines and superb acoustics of the upper level auditorium, the building has been transformed into a 600-650 seat performing arts and special events venue. The nationally recognized architectural firm of John G. Waite Associates in Albany worked with the group to restore the building carefully and maintain its historic integrity as much as possible, while creating an efficient, flexible, state-of-the-art facility inside. Happily, the building is now structurally sound and weather-tight, and much of the interior is finished. Events are being hosted, including weddings, concerts and First Night Saratoga performances, and final restoration continues.

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